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Sep 22 '14

October it’s near, we al know what that means.




Ok so, you are going to some party as a spooky skeleton, but you have the good idea to dress up as something that’s not only a skeleton, but a national symbol in another country.

The Catrina or calavera. (Mexico)

So you might say, well its a costume what’s wrong with it. And i’ll tell you what’s wrong with it.  IT’S NOT A COSTUME. It’s not even spooky in this country, because it’s not used as a halloween prop,even most mexican people don’t actually celebrate halloween since it’s close to a very important celebration of our own.

Dia de los inocentes y Dia de los muertos (November 1st and 2nd)

Let’s learn a little of that awesome “costume” you got there. 

Ok, who’s the Catrina?

The Catrina (or calavera) it’s a cartoon that was born in 1910 by famous Mexican printmaker, cartoon illustrator and lithographer Jose Guadalupe Posada.

The image depicts a female skeleton dressed only in a hat befitting the upper class outfit of a European of her time,  She is offered as a satirical portrait of those Mexican natives who, Posada felt, were aspiring to adopt European aristocratic traditions in the pre-revolutionary era.

It was Diego Rivera who show her for the first time  full dressed in his mural Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central, side by side with her creator, Posada. 

It was also Rivera who gave her the name of “CATRINA” and was later popularized among mexicans. 


Why is it so important to Mexicans?

It’s one of our symbols in some of our celebrations, such as november 20th in the Revolucion Mexicana (Mexican Revolution) where the catrina is shown in typical Mexican dresses, with a carrillera. 


We use her and her partner, the Catrin, to help us celebrate Dia de los muertos, also known as Dia de todos los santos (Or Dia de los inocentes in which we remember all the little kids who died) in november 1st, and Dia de los Muertos in november 2nd. 

The Catrina and the Catrin are dressed, some in typical clothes and some in clothes of the love one who is no longer here. Its also common to make a family of calaveras to decorate. 


What does calaveritas and catrinas mean in Dia de los muertos?

In Dia de los Muertos, mexican families put up an altar to honor and remember our loved ones who died. Which is used to supposedly bring their souls back to us so they can have a nice party. In which we use their favourite food and drinks to decorate it, so the spirits can eat something in the time they’re here. Tipical food is also used in the altar, such as Arroz, mole, tequila, and some seasonal fruit as oranges, tangerines, sugar canes and jicamas.

Dia de los muertos is also celebrated in cemeteries and graves. 

And then thre’s the Calaveritas. Calaveritas are commonly made of sugar, and decorated with edible glitter. And they have the name of our dead relative in their foreheads.  - Fun fact: The calaveritas are not a mexican, theyre spanish. Spanish people were the ones that introduced this tradition to our country, since our dia de los muertos was almost the same day as spanish celebration, Dia de todos los fieles -. 


Catrinas and Catrines are used to help us mock and make fun of death in a respectful way, we take all the sad and creepy meaning of dying and turn it into a big party. 

So now you ask, then when is it okay to dress as a catrina, or catrin or calavera? 

And i say, it’s okay to do it only if you do these  simple things. 

1.- Dont use it to “scare” people, Catrinas are not scary, Catrins are pretty and flirty, they have flowers in their huge hats, and a big smile in their face. 


2.- Please be respectful, a lot of people don’t care to investigate the meaning of our catrinas and catrines, they do not know these guys are not costumes to be used in “spooky” celebrations, but to honour our dead people. 

3.- Dont call it a costume. 

4.- It’s ok to do it even if you dont have mexican roots or traditions, only if you know what it means. 

5.- If you think its pretty and dont make fun of it. 

Please don’t be a poop about our traditions, Also please don go dressed as a ranchero. Mexicans don’t ride by donkeys anymore. 


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Sep 22 '14


Sketchbook doodles. Some of these a bit older than others (the newer ones are at the top, older at the bottom, blah blah).

I’ll do more art eventually (that’s not Roz. AS I KEEP SAYING IT AND NEVER DO). Lately my tablet hasn’t been working right, so it’s been really frustrating T:

Zanz is Del’s.
The lame girls are mine.

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Sep 22 '14


Life Ruiners : TYLER CONNOLLY.

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Sep 22 '14

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Sep 22 '14
Rob Thomas - Ever The Same (...Something To Be)


Guilty pleasure.

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Sep 22 '14

Ready for Halloween


Ready for Halloween

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Sep 22 '14
Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You (All I Ever Wanted)


my life would suck without you // kelly clarkson

'cause we belong together now
forever united here somehow
you’ve got a piece of me and honestly
my life would suck without you

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Sep 22 '14


Honey Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail from Hello Natural:

  • 4 oz apple cider
  • 2 oz bourbon
  • 1 lady apple, cut in think slices
  • 2 teaspoon organic, raw honey
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  1. Place cider, apple slices, honey and cinnamon in a sauce pot, bring to boil and let simmer for 5 minutes, just to release the flavors.
  2. Strain the mixture (saving the apple slices for garnishing) and add bourbon.
  3. Pour into serving glasses and sip warm.

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Sep 22 '14
Theory of a Deadman - All or Nothing (Scars & Souvenirs)


Theory of a Deadman - All or Nothing

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Sep 22 '14

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